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About Our Board

Tauni Crefeld, President
Tauni Crefeld has always had a love for Latin America and its people, starting at the Air Force Academy, where she minored in Spanish, and continuing into the Air Force, where she was assigned numerous Spanish-speaking roles. Since leaving the Air Force, she has served as a translator on nine medical mission trips, and it was through one of those missions that she was inspired to start Med to One. Tauni is also a technology consultant with Accenture, a global consulting company.

Jon Crefeld, Vice President 
Jon is a former Army Ranger who is now an actor.  Jon brings a creative vision to the board, helping to craft the messages to Med to One supporters, and serving as the narrator of the Med to One documentary.  As Jon is also a graduate of the Air Force Academy, he also lends his organizational skills, leadership skills, and discipline to the board. 

Dr. Boyd Kroeze, Medical Director
Dr. Kroeze is an Emergency Physician in Holland Michigan. He is married to Joan, and has two children, Evan 6 and Adam 3. Dr. Boyd has been on multiple short-term medical missions to Guatemala, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Dr. Kroeze and MED TO ONE founder Tauni Crefeld worked together at a MMI mission in Lima in November, 2005. Dr. Kroeze’s medical knowledge, and his experience serving on medical missions has also already been invaluable.

Colonel Jaime Vazquez, USAF Retired
Colonel Vazquez is a native of Puerto Rico, currently living in San Antonio, Texas. He served in the US Air Force from 1975 to 1998 where he was an Intelligence officer. He served in numerous posts, including in Spain and Korea, as the Air Attaché to Chile and as the Commandant of the Inter American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA). He is currently working at USAA, a financial services company focused on serving the U.S. military community and dependents. He is married to Belinda, and has 3 children, and 2 grandchildren. Colonel Vazquez’s  international and military experience, as well as his knowledge of Spanish and Latin America have already brought valuable insights and suggestions to MED TO ONE.

Mike Chung
Mike Chung is a partner with Accenture, a global management and technology consulting company, and has extensive experience in improving business operations through process and technology changes, and in emerging markets solutions and services. Mike was born in Korea but also spent several years living in East Africa before coming to the US. Mike is married, has two daughters, and currently lives in New Jersey. He was requested to join the board to lend his experience with technology, processes, and efficiency.

Med to One Staff

Raquel Fabian Naupari, Lima Coordinator
Raquel has been working with Med to One since its founding in 2005.  Raquel served with Tauni Crefeld on a mission to Aoti, in the jungle of Peru, where they became friends.  Raquel is a registered nurse, and has completed seminary training.  She has been involved in various service and ministries throughout her life. 

Ducelia Herrera de Rivera, Arequipa Coordinator
Ducelia is a retired school teacher who has three grown children, two of whom are attending medical school in Cuba, and the youngest of whom is in college. Ducelia is excited to work with Med to One, and is already suggesting new programs and new options to find the neediest patients in Arequipa. She has a heart for service and a network of church parishes in Arequipa who will also support her efforts and the patients she serves.  She also serves as the Surgical Coordinator for Medical Ministry International (MMI) surgical missions. 

Yenny Soriano de Perez, Santa Cruz Bolivia, Coordinator
Yenny Soriano de Perez,and her husband Francis Perez are from the Dominican Republic, living in Bolivia, as Francis Perez is the country director for Bolivia for Medical Ministry International (MMI).  Francis and Yenny have one daughter and have lived in Bolivia since December. Yenny is happy to serve as the Med to One coordinator, and attends all of the MMI mission trips in the area to identify chronic patients for Med to One.  Prior to founding Med to One, Tauni Crefeld served as a translator on MMI mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Ecuador with Francis.